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Mannequin Photo Editing Service That Describes Product Authenticity

Our invisible ghost mannequin service increases the visibility and appeal of your clothing products like real ones!  With us, you can get the perfect neck, sleeve, and bottom joints in your photos to create a 3D vision of your clothing brands.

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Ghost mannequin photo editing services

Why Does Your E-commerce Business Require the Invisible Ghost Mannequin Service?

Cost reduction is crucial for any e-commerce business, especially for new or small traders. Our experts use ghost mannequin techniques in Photoshop to give your product the perfect shape. With the application of ghost mannequin effects, your customers will find your products more attractive.

Finding available models on short notice for your product photo shoots can be challenging. In such cases, a dummy or mannequin is ideal for displaying your products. You can capture high-quality product photographs using a mannequin with good cameras and proper lighting.

Additionally, using a dummy eliminates the need for extra costs related to decoration or setup, saving you time and effort. Applying mannequin effects to your product photos after the shoot becomes essential for your business due to these reasons.

Types Of Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services

Meta Clipping Path offers various types of ghost mannequin services, including:

Ghost Mannequin Neck Joint

While the neck joint involves ghost mannequin services, it is considered a renowned post-processing technique. In addition to ghost mannequin services, we provide neck joint services that deal with the front and internal parts of the photographed product.

The visible content around the neck area is removed to achieve the desired effect. This service is commonly used for t-shirts, shirts, half-sleeve products, and more.

ghost mannequin neck joint & symmetrical shapeghost mannequin neck joint & symmetrical shape
jacket ghost mannequin neck retouchingjacket ghost mannequin neck retouching

Ghost Mannequin Retouching

Ghost mannequin retouching is a technique that can enhance the appearance and quality of your product images, especially for clothing items. It involves removing the visible parts of the mannequin or model that wears the product and creating a 3D effect that shows the shape and fit of the product.

Ghost mannequin retouching can make your product images look more professional, realistic, and appealing to potential customers.

Ghost Mannequin Top & Bottom

The ghost mannequin top & bottom joint service is beneficial for apparel product images. Apparel products often have complex bottom parts, such as pants, underwear, socks, etc. This service is necessary if the mannequin body is present in your apparel product’s image.

Our professional editors at Meta Clipping Path use clipping path tools to remove unwanted parts and create a perfect image with a ghost mannequin effect. This service helps deal with lower garment images and present your products realistically to customers.

ghost mannequin of bra and pantyghost mannequin of bra and panty
human ghost mannequin removehuman ghost mannequin remove - photo editing

Ghost Mannequin Human Body

A ghost mannequin human body is a type of mannequin that is designed to create a 3D effect of a person wearing a clothing item, without showing the mannequin itself. It is also known as an invisible mannequin, a hollow man, or a neck joint mannequin.

Ghost mannequins are used for product photography, especially for e-commerce and fashion websites, to showcase the shape and fit of the products in a realistic and professional way.

Our skilled photo editing experts are adept at applying the mannequin effect with precision and expertise.

The ghost mannequin service from Meta Clipping Path has been a great help for my clothing brand. Their edits give my products a 3D look, allowing customers to view every detail. This has made a significant difference in how my products are perceived online. The team is professional, efficient, and their attention to detail is commendable. I’m extremely satisfied with their service.

Robert Miller

Brand Manager, Fashion Forward Co.

ghost mannequin service - client feedback

What Sets Us Apart?

We understand that scaling a photo editing business can be challenging. Numerous companies offer invisible ghost mannequin services. But we stand out by providing advanced ones that cater to your budget and personalized requirements.


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Our Image Editing Service Portfolio

Meta Clipping Path is an advanced-level photo editing service Provider Company. Our specialized graphic editors possess the expertise and passion to handle even the most complex editing tasks. We will ensure flawless and captivating results.

We Offer More Services

Apart from our ghost mannequin services, we offer a range of other photo editing services tailored to meet your specific requirements:

Photo Retouching

Our expert photo editors enhance your images by removing imperfections and creating a flawless visual aspect.

Photoshop image masking

This non-destructive graphics software process, using tools like Photoshop, allows us to hide or reveal specific image portions.

Ecommerce Photo Editing

Our comprehensive editing process optimizes your product photos, covering everything from complex retouching to simple color correction.

Shadow Creation Services

Our unique shadow creation service enables us to generate various types of shadows for transposed images. It includes natural shadows, drop shadows, reflection shadows, cast shadows, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about our ghost mannequin photo editing services, you will get the common questions answered below:

The invisible ghost mannequin effect involves taking multiple photographs of your product on a mannequin or model. And then combining these images in post-production to remove the mannequin. This technique is widely used in product and fashion photography to create the illusion of a floating product.

Ghost mannequin or neck joint service entails capturing multiple photos of your product on a mannequin or model. These images are then merged in post-production to remove the mannequin, resulting in a seamless appearance.

Obtaining professional ghost mannequin service is accessible with Meta Clipping Path. We provide top-quality professional service.

It means after shooting an image removing the mannequin from it. Primarily for fashion photography, this effect is useful.

Meta Clipping Path’s experts use Adobe Photoshop to create the invisible ghost mannequin effects. However, our photo editing team uses some other software also.