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Shadow Creation Service Your Photos Craved for

Add depth and dimension to your photos to attract more customers! We create outstanding floating, drop, reflection, and natural shadows. Depending on your publishing platform, we will add the right shadow effect to your photo.

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Photoshop shadow creation services

How High-Quality Photoshop Shadow Creation Services Increase Business Enhancements?

After removing the product’s background, the photo subject seems neutral and loses the natural view without a basement. This unprofessional presentation ultimately leads to distrust in customers.

The online product is intangible; therefore, the shoppers emphasize the transparent and professional product image. Here comes the need for our Photoshop shadow creation service. Using the Photoshop product shadow, our expert adds depth to your marketing mix field.

Our experts use Photoshop shadows in better-suited and precise quantities. So ultimately, our photo editing experts provide you with a beautiful product image for your online business.

Shadow creation is natural when photographers shoot a product. But our experts have mostly done the shadow creation in hand in Adobe Photoshop. Enhancing image quality through shadow creation increases your business benefits.

Sorts Of Photoshop Shadow Creation Services

When it comes to achieving your online business goals effectively, utilizing the right Photoshop shadow creation service is essential. Depending on the type of shadows you require, we provide service to meet your needs. Let us introduce you to the various shadow creation services that will elevate your e-commerce product display.

Natural Shadow

Everything in the real world casts a shadow. And the same statement is applicable in the case of product photography. A natural shadow is visible when photographers capture images of products or objects. Sometimes, during photography, the background surface fails to reflect in the bottom area of the product image.

In such cases, our experts excel at enhancing the 3D quality of the product through natural shadow creation. Even if the editor removes the image’s original shadow and the product’s background, our skilled team can recreate a natural shadow. Using clipping paths and other techniques the experts create shadows. This service ensures that your product becomes more appealing to customers, ultimately attracting more attention and increasing sales.

natural shadow creation servicesnatural shadow creation services
photoshop drop shadow creation services white bgphotoshop drop shadow creation services

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow service is a popular Photoshop shadow creation service for product images. This type of shadow adds a sense of believability to your product photos. It leaves online marketers and customers amazed. By applying the Photoshop drop shadow effect, we can make your product images more trustworthy and convincing for buyers.

When consumers see the drop shadow effect, they experience the same sensation while looking at the product. This feeling of authenticity can greatly influence their decision to purchase. Our expert team members use Photoshop filters to create drop shadows in various angles on the rear side of your products. It results in a fake but incredibly lifelike shadow.

Reflection Shadow

The reflection shadow service is particularly beneficial for jewellery, ceramics, showpieces, medical devices, sunglasses, and electronic equipment. This technique is closely connected to our Jewelry photo editing service. With the Photoshop reflection effect, we create a reflection that mimics the appearance of the product.

During the photo shoot, a reflecting surface can create this shadow. However, if the background is removed, the shadow is lost. That’s where our professional reflection shadow creation services come into play. Our experts skillfully recreate the reflection shadow. And they make your product images even more captivating and appealing to potential customers.

product reflection shadow creation serviceproduct reflection shadow creation services
Floating shadow creation serviceFloating shadow creation service

Floating Shadow

Implementing the right shadows can make all the difference when showcasing your products. Our company specializes in providing top-notch product shadow services to enhance your product images and give them a three-dimensional appearance.

Our experts skillfully apply shadows to create a natural and realistic effect after isolating your product from its background. Properly executed shadows add depth and dimension to your product images. Ultimately your images become visually appealing to potential customers. Using light sources during photography ensures that the shadows appear natural.

The shadow creation service from Meta Clipping Path has added a new dimension to my product photos. Their team is skilled and delivers excellent results every time. The shadows they create add depth and realism to the images, making them stand out. I couldn’t be more pleased with their service.

Michael Johnson

Product Photographer, Johnson Photography

Shadow creation client feedback

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Different companies are offering Photoshop shadow making services out there in the market. However, Meta Clipping Path stands out from the competition in several ways. Our expert photo editing team aims to provide exceptional service within your budget.


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Photoshop Shadow Creation Services Portfolio

Choose our Product Shadow Services to elevate your product images and captivate your customers. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing exceptional results that enhance your brand’s visual appeal. Check our previous works and contact us today to get the service!

We Offer More Services

At Meta Clipping Path, we offer comprehensive image editing services to cater to all your needs. In addition to our Photoshop shadow making service, our skilled graphic editors provide other services:

Photo Retouching

Our experts excel at adding or removing elements in an image using advanced digital software like Photoshop. We ensure that your photos look flawless and captivating.

clipping path icon

Using Photoshop’s pen tool, our professionals generate precise shapes or close vector paths, allowing you to extract or isolate specific elements from an image seamlessly.

Photoshop image masking

We can remove unwanted backgrounds and objects from your images, ensuring the focus remains solely on your products.

Ecommerce Photo Editing

Our comprehensive e-commerce photo editing service covers everything from complex retouching to simple colour correction, making your product photos look their absolute best.

Frequently Asked Questions

By going through the following FAQ section, you will better understand our services. So, let’s dive into this section:

A shadow creation service involves adding shadows to objects in an image to enhance their appearance and complement other elements.

Designers often apply shadows based on client requirements to create a 2D or 3D effect in photos.

People from various sectors, including e-commerce product photography, ad designs, and ghost mannequin effects, may require the shadow creation service. It also benefits vector designs, product catalogues, and 2D/3D shapes.

Shadow creation services offer multiple benefits. The most crucial one is making your products look realistic. When the background is removed using a clipping path, the image can lose its realistic appearance and appear floating.

By applying various shadow effects, our expert photo editors ensure that your product images look beautiful and authentic.

Our service stands out due to our team of expert and experienced photographers who possess years of industry knowledge. With their expertise, we consistently deliver perfect results that meet the highest standards.