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11 Creative Background for Jewelry Photography [2024 Updated]

Ever scrolled through online stores and been mesmerized by a stunning jewelry photo? The truth is, the sparkle isn’t all from the jewels themselves! The background plays a secret role in making those pieces truly shine.

So, you’re on the hunt for creative backgrounds to elevate your jewelry photography? 

With countless options online, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But fear not! Choosing the right background boils down to a few key points: pattern, color, and how it complements your jewelry.

Ready to unleash your creativity? Let’s explore some ideas to make your jewelry the star of the show!

Why is a Background Necessary for Jewelry Photography?

While it might not seem like a direct sale, the background in your jewelry photos plays a key role in attracting customers.  Women, who are the primary audience for jewelry, tend to be meticulous when choosing pieces.

Imagine a photo where the background clashes with the jewelry, or where the edges blend in and lose definition.  Customers are likely to simply scroll past.

So how does a well-chosen background elevate your photos?

  • Makes the Jewelry Pop: A good background creates contrast, ensuring your beautiful jewelry takes center stage.
  • Sets the Mood: The background can influence the overall feel of the photo. Imagine a romantic pendant against a backdrop of soft florals, versus a bold statement ring displayed on a sleek marble surface.
  • Sharpens the Focus: A clear contrast between the background and jewelry helps define the edges, making the piece appear crisp and professional.
  • Brand Consistency: A consistent background style across your photos can help build brand recognition and create a cohesive aesthetic.
  • Captures Attention: A well-chosen background draws the viewer’s eye to the jewelry, keeping them focused on the product.
  • Adds Context: The background can provide a hint of how the jewelry might be worn, sparking the customer’s imagination.
  • Model Alternative: In some cases, a creative background can replace the need for a model, saving you time and resources.

11 Creative Background for Jewelry Photography You Should Try

There are many backdrop ideas available online, but not all online backdrops will suit your style of jewelry. Some jewelry styles may look better on a white background, while others may look better on gray or other types of backgrounds.

Here are some creative and best background for jewelry photography ideas for you:

1. White Background

White Background

Want to make the jewelry well contrasted and flashing against the background? A white background is your simple and minimalist-friendly option for a jewelry photoshoot background.

Most e-commerce websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, etc., display their products on a white background. This allows you to easily highlight the details of your jewelry, balance color, and improve lighting.

Additionally, when using this background option, you don’t need to do extensive editing to make the subject stand out.

2. Gray Background

Gray Background

Do not prefer the classic white background for jewelry photography? You have a friendly alternative background option to white — gray background. 

Just like a white background, you can notice a clear contrast between the jewelry and the gray background. The gray color won’t overpower your jewelry color and helps you highlight the edge design. 

Generally, all colors should go well with this background, but gold, vibrant gemstones, and brightly colored jewelry will suit the gray background better.

However, if you have a shop on Amazon, you will have to use a white background for jewelry photos.

3. Black Background

Black Background

Looking for expensive jewelry and gold backdrop ideas? You can end your search by picking a dramatic and high-contrast background — a black background.

This background idea will add a sophisticated and luxurious feel to your jewelry photo. You may fear that the black color will make your jewelry dull, but the reality is that it will add a more striking and dramatic effect. 

A black background is a strong match with white, gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. This background is also ideal for making pearl and diamond jewelry stand out against the background.

4. Colored Background

Colored Background

Want to break the monotony of the mysterious aura of a black background and the classic theme of a white background? You can play with colored backgrounds for your jewelry photos. 

Moreover, you can also present your creativity in jewelry photography by choosing the perfect colored background. Depending on your jewelry, beads, and stone colors, you may need to try multiple shades as a background to find the perfect match.

Gold and pastel colors like light blue, pink, yellow, or green complement most jewelry and bring a calm and luxurious vibe.

5. Natural Background

Natural Background

If you don’t like colors, then this is one of the best background jewelry photography ideas for you. Unlike solid colors, you don’t have to worry that the natural background will overpower your jewelry.

You have several options for creating natural backgrounds, such as trees, leaves, flowers, or even realistic wallpapers. Furthermore, if you have access to a seascape or beach to photograph your jewelry, it will add more life to the background.

However, this idea may not be ideal for e-commerce websites. You can pick this background idea for jewelry photography to promote your jewelry on social media.

6. Reflective Background

Reflective Background

Besides a black background, you can add a feeling of sophistication to your jewelry photo using a reflective background. A reflective background can highlight jewelry in a captivating way. 

When glass or acrylic surfaces reflect light onto your jewelry piece, it creates a dramatic view. A reflector helps to spread strong light evenly, enhancing the details of the jewelry rather than obscuring them. 

However, you need to be extra careful to ensure consistent illumination to avoid unwanted shadows or glare beside the jewelry.

7. Bokeh Background 

Bokeh Background 

This is another brilliant and creative idea to use as a jewelry background. The bokeh effect is created by deliberately blurring the light in the background. In other words, the background with the light is kept out of focus, which creates the bokeh effect.

You can also use color or shapes instead of lights to create the bokeh effect. Because the background is out of focus and blurred, it won’t blend with the jewelry piece but rather highlight the details effectively.

However, the use of a bokeh background in jewelry photography is limited. You should pick this option if your jewelry piece is small.

8. Textured Background

Textured Background

Looking for a beginner-friendly and reasonable creative background in jewelry photography? Go for textured backdrops!

You can simply create a suitable background for your jewelry photo using wood or marble as textured backdrops. But which one should you choose among these two textured background options? 

Do you prefer a rustic look in the background? Use pine, teak, or oak wood. Do you prefer a polished and luxurious look in your product photo background? Then opt for marble backdrops.

A wood background is a must if your jewelry is inspired by nature. However, if you are using a raw piece of wood, you may need to sand it to make the surface usable and clean.

9. Fabric Background

Fabric Background

You must have seen people using fabric as a background for product photos on social media. Fabric backdrops bring a soft and artistic feel to your jewelry photo. You can use satin, linen, or velvet fabric as the background.

The textured and matte surface of these fabrics will help you capture your jewelry details effectively. We suggest you go for a shimmery texture with solid colors, as other patterns may distract focus from the main subject.

Velvet, with its silky texture, is perfect for creating a luxurious feel in the photo and making your jewelry look high-end. Satin fabric can have the same effect. 

However, linen is different from the other two fabrics. You can use this uneven fabric for gemstone and gold jewelry.

10. Branded Background

Branded Background

For jewelry brands, photographs provide an opportunity to represent their identity visually. Subtly incorporating branding elements into the background helps establish a recognizable aesthetic.

So, if you have your brand and branded packaging, use the packet or box as the background. The background containing the logo, design, and colors will become the silent voice of your brand and jewelry.

However, remember that the color of the branded packaging may not always match the jewelry color. In that case, you can utilize the other mentioned options.

11. Mannequin


Want to bring a sense of realism to your jewelry photo? Using a mannequin is a friendly option that is also budget-friendly compared to hiring a model.

This background option is versatile, as you can find different realistic skin-tone mannequins. By using different-toned mannequins, you can create a sense of realism about how the jewelry will look when the buyer actually wears it.

You can invest in different parts of mannequins, such as hands for bangles, neck and bust for displaying necklaces, and ears for earrings.


So, you now have ideas on why a creative background for jewelry photography is necessary and what type of background you can pick. It’s necessary to have an ideal background to make your jewelry pop in the photo.

Unless the details of the pieces are highlighted properly, you may not see the estimated sales. Remember to place the jewelry in the center of the photo and have it retouched using editing tools for better results.

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